Saturday, 5 March 2016

Czech Republic – Jump around!

5 March

Hello everyone!

It can be quite difficult to stay active in the winter here in the Czech Republic. It either involves a pair of skis or building up a sweat inside. Usually we play squash every Monday but this weekend we tried something new to raise our adrenaline levels. 

Back in December, my ‘Secret Santa’ bought two tickets for a place called ‘Jumppark’. Based in the east of Prague, it is apparently the first trampoline park in central Europe and comprised of two large rooms. With almost 700m2 of trampolines, there’s a lot of space to bounce around on.

Before being allowed to jump, we were subjected to a rather graphic cartoon video which seemed to show all the different ways a bouncer could break their bones.

The complex is split into two rooms, with the second chamber being a large open area comprised of many small trampolines. It was amazing to watch some of the children happily skipping along from trampoline to trampoline, if a little disheartening when I tried to do the same thing and must have seemed like a drunk snail in comparison.

The first room had three different sections: a dodgeball area, a pair of basketball hoops above some trampolines and a row of springy floors which led into a deep pit of foam cubes. Perfect for somersaults. Well, attempts at somersaults…

An exhausting yet exhilarating hour later, it was time to stop. Heart racing, adrenaline coursing through veins. A super Saturday morning. Boinnnng!

Love you all