Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Korea - The first Global Gathering

Hello everyone!

Due to a minimal amount of lessons this week, thanks to a combination of midterms and me being nice and letting my kids study instead of having my class, I had the opportunity to explore in the afternoons. Well, some of them. Thursday afternoon was spent chasing shadows as our football team got annihilated 6-0. We were terrible, which meant that playing a third half was a bit unnecessary. I didn't realise this, so had ran myself into the ground during the normal game. I fell into the ground when through on goal as my legs gave way. That was our best chance to score in the whole match...and I fell over with no one around me. Classic.

As usual, we went for food and drinks after. No English teacher there, so I spent my evening trying to talk to, and getting trashed with, the vice-principal. Who doesn't speak much English. The next day I was told that the VP had once again asked my co-teacher why I am leaving. They really seem to want to keep me. I'm beginning to think it's not just because it's better for them financially...

Friday afternoon I ventured into Seoul to check out the HiSeoul festival. It wasn't much of a festival - mainly because most of the shows are in the evening or on the weekend. Still, some of the art was cool, and I saw a man move along a tightrope on a cylinder. And then swing on it from side to side. Crazy man. The main event of the whole festival was a massive fireworks display on the Saturday evening. But I wasn't going to see that. We had other plans...

On the Saturday, a group of us ventured over to a park on the river Han. We have been here before for the Seoul World DJ festival, and were back for a similar event - Global Gathering. It's lots of DJs performing, so not my favourite kind of music but still a lot of fun and dancing to be had. Even though the price of a ticket was a whopping 77,000W for the day. Well, for most of us - Jon blagged his way in for free.

We enjoyed the glorious sunshine before heading in. There were three international acts of interest - Justice, Fatboy Slim, and Armin van Buuren. I saw the latter two when I went to Sziget festival in Hungary a year ago, but they were both very good, and I have heard nothing but good things about Justice's DJ set. We snuck in some alcohol, relaxed as the sun set on a beautiful Korean autumnal day, and then readied ourselves for Justice. But not before Jon distracted a security guard so I could steal a Nokia flag from atop a bus and then run around with it.

Justice were amazing. The atmosphere was incredible, even though there didn't seem to be as many people as at the World DJ festival. Everyone had a blue wand, illuminating the crowd in a glow of shock neon blue. After this we ended up at the Jager tent - a popular place both last time and this - before returning for Fatboy Slim. I was near the front for that, having lost people by talking to random Koreans sat on the floor by the tent, but it was fantastic. A two hour blur of dancing and happiness. It was a great festival, though whether it was value for money is another question entirely as I managed to blow 100,000W inside the place very very quickly. Maybe should start thinking about saving money. Though thinking it and doing it are two very different propositions.

Love you all


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