Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Malaysia – The first monkeys

Hello everyone!

We woke up fresh on Saturday and headed over to a famous religious spot for Hindus. It’s called the Batu Caves, and the story behind it is...umm...well I don’t remember, but it is a site of pilgrimage for Hindus across the globe. And a cultural way to kick off our Saturday.

The cave itself wasn’t as big as I anticipated, but the formations and stalactites were remarkable. This, however, did not even come close to the highlight of this little expedition. The highlights have four legs, big mouths, and were running and jumping across the 272 steps you take up to the top.


There were scores of them as well. All running around, chasing after each other and fighting. It was amazing to be so close to so many of them. They were clearly used to the attention. A husband kept trying to take a picture of his wife feeding one, but the monkey kept on grabbing the food and running off before he had a chance to click his camera. Hilarious.

Due to the diminutive nature of the cave complex, we had a bit of time on our hands. We filled this the way a lot of tourists fill their time in KL –retail therapy. This city is world-renowned as a bit of a shopping mecca, and Jason knew a place to go. It’s called F.O.S. It’s a discount clothing store. The F stands for FULL, the O is for OF, and the S...well, it’s a naughty word. You know it. Go on, say it out loud. Right now. Dare you.

After getting my apam balik fill (not as good as the Borneo version), we did more bartering in Chinatown before it was time for food. We took a couple of British lads from the hostel along with us, and once again had bat kut teh. It’s alright, but not the best thing I’ve eaten out here. We then tried our bar again. The previous night may have been a high school/student night, as it was a lot more serene. I had a drink called Around the World. Listen to this. A long glass Whisky. Pernod. Brandy. Rum. Gin. All of these, topped off with...Carlsberg. For 15 ringgit. That’s 3 quid. 6,000 won.

Randomly, there were a few Welsh guys about, so I spent my night chatting to them. Until I ran out of money. Bad night for budgeting due to the relatively expensive cost of alcohol, but it’s nice to have a few drinks once in a while. Time for bed, and time to dream of monkeys.

Love you all


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