Saturday, 10 May 2014

Czech Republic – The best of 2014 so far


Hello everyone!

Consider this a catch-up blog of how Prague life is working out so far. A combination of marathon training, essays and other PGCE work means that this blog has fallen behind to the point where details are becoming a bit scarce. I’ll get out exploring once the marathon is over tomorrow, so here for now is a brief round-up of some of the highlights of my 2014 so far in the Czech Republic.

Jazz Boat

My brother and his wife gave me a wonderful and original present for Christmas: a ride on a jazz boat along Prague’s Vltava River. On a chilly January evening, we were treated to upbeat musical stylings whilst meandering under bridges and past illuminated buildings.

Family ties

My sister came to visit during a cold, dark January week. We wondered around the centre, now unfortunately devoid of the Christmas lights, sounds and smells, until it was too chilly for comfort. We also went to Kutna Hora, the famous and bizarre bone church an hour away from Prague.

Burns Night

A tradition started in Scotland which I was introduced to in Kazakhstan is also celebrated in Prague. A Friday night of dining, drinking and dancing was topped off by me being ‘randomly selected’ to read a Scottish poem by Burns. I tried my best Scottish accent, which resulted in roars of laughter. Never needed a whisky more in my life.

Love you all


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