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Must-sees in Prague – Wenceslas Square

December 12-16

Part 3: Wenceslas Square

Manoeuvring your way south from Old Town Square, down more packed alleyways, will bring you out at the base of Wenceslas Square. More a long, single and very uphill road than a square, its western shops and international language signs, wouldn't be out of place in New York City or London. To the Czechs, however, it is a place of huge historic significance.

At the top of the boulevard, almost looking over the rest of the square, is a statue of Wenceslas himself. The patron saint of Bohemia, a region of the modern-day Czech Republic, is most-commonly known for the Christmas carol bearing his name. He ruled the area briefly until being murdered, reportedly by his own brother. However, his good deeds and nature are what is remembered today.

Though well over 600 years old, much of its history is derived from the Cold War era. One famous protest was by a student, Jan Palach, who set himself on fire in 1969 to protest the Soviet tanks rolling through Prague the previous year. It was also the place where the Velvet Revolution, which liberated the Czechs twenty years later. You can see from the pictures below just how many people were involved in the latter.

This is arguably the modern centre of Prague, from which anywhere is accessible. A short walk north will take you to Old Town Square. Heading west will take you close to the golden National Theatre (which has been ‘undergoing renovation’ seemingly since we arrived).

If you travel further south along the Vltava river, you soon notice a building which seems very out of style with the rest. These are known as the ‘Dancing Houses’.

One other point of interest in Wenceslas Square is a restaurant called Typovna. Not easily spotted…never forgotten. A young boy’s dream. Drinks delivered…by model trains. 

Wenceslas Square may be old; however, its importance is still tangible today. If that’s not enough for you to visit…beer delivered on a model railway!! Come on!

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