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Czech Republic – Hiking through the autumn leaves

3rd October

Hello everyone!

Autumn is a lovely time in the Czech Republic. Leaves start changing colour before drifting carelessly onto the ground. The temperature isn’t scorching but still pleasant enough to explore comfortably.

Many places in the country look stunning with their fall foliage, including many a hop, skip and jump away from Prague. One such place is Svaty Jan pod Skalou, a village approximately 30 minutes away from the capital and close to the beautiful Karlstejn castle. The name means ‘Saint John under the rock’, which is easily explained once you see the village’s old monastery sitting below an imperious rock resembling the one from the Lion King, albeit with a bit more greenery.

There are many hiking trails in the area, including one rumoured to be the oldest in the country. Hiking through an array of forest trails leads you to the peak of one of the hills, marked by an old cross. The reward for a surprisingly short ascent is a wonderful view of the autumn leaves surrounding the old monastery below.

A short drive away from here is an area known as Male (pronounced MAH-lay) Amerika – literally, ‘little America’. The main attraction of this area is its man-made canyon, which I’m assuming is where the name comes from. Not nearly as large or impressive as the Grand Canyon, yet charming all the same.

An easy half-day trip from the capital, the Beroun area containing Karlstejn, Svaty Jan and Male Amerika is a welcome distraction from the hustle and bustle of Prague. There are more heralded excursions, such as to Kutna Hora or Cesky Krumlov, yet these destinations are closer and very beautiful in the autumn sunshine.

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