Tuesday, 24 August 2010

China - The first snake

Day 9

Hello everyone!

Yangshuo is a beautiful place, and very different from the China that we have seen thus far. Wanting to see more of this splendour, the two of us decided to hike along the Li river in the scorching sunshine.

The mountains that surround Yangshuo are amazing. They are very steep, and seem unconnected. The result is something that looks like scenery from an old Super Mario game. The Li river cuts through the middle, with banks of luscious greenery on either side.

We were vaguely following a trail we saw in the hostel, but forgot to take a map, so quickly ended up blazing our own trail through some farms. We soon found a path and then headed around a corner.


About five or six metres away from us stood a large water buffalo. Seconds later, another one trotted out from behind a tree. Having never seen a big wild animal this close before, i wasn't exactly sure of what to do; but we walked around it with little fuss.

There were water buffalo all over the place, but all were harmless and had their owners, who were no doubt chuckling to themselves about our awkwardness, watching close by. We bribed a guy to take us across the river on his plank of wood and carried on hiking. Now we were lost big time. We walked through farmland, went up a ridge and


Now i'm not exactly an animal lover, but there is one species that I am particularly petrified of. So when this long, thin black creature slithered across the bare path a foot in front of me, I was not very comfortable. It disappeared as soon as I had laid my terrified eyes upon it, and we moved on. With me watching the floor at all times.

After bribing another guy - one who we interrupted from fishing for clams and various other goodies - we ended up in familiar territory, and were soon back at the hostel. That night we sampled the local dish. No, not the water buffalo, but beerfish. It was amazing. I haven't had a fish that good in a long, long time.

Love you all


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